Benz Micro
Benz Micro(벤츠마이크로) Wood S MC카트리지
상품코드 1807020005
판매가격 1,600,000원
적립금 16,000원
제조사 Benz Micro
원산지 Switzerland


A re-introduction of a Benz Micro classic, the S Class models of the Wood Body SL (low), SM (medium) and SH (high), all incorporate the Benz Micro Ridge stylus coupled to 4th generation cross-coil-generator based cartridges, originally introduced in the early 1990s as the LO.4, MO.9 and H2O. Benz Micro’s Albert Lukaschek began researching increased performance and uniformity of his cross-coil designs while developing the Benz Ebony H, L and TR models. Experimenting with the length of the solid Boron cantilever revealed how the elasticity of this very stiff material contributed to compliance and tracking. Development of a grooved rear pole piece for countersinking the o-ring damper, first introduced on the Benz Ruby square plate cartridges, was then adapted to the cross coil designs, given their lower contact area and damping.

The 3 output levels are electrically identical to the low, medium and high versions of both Benz Micro Glider and ACE models, making these re-introduced Wood models the ideal upgrade path. The Wood SL is best suited for high gain phono stages with resistive loading greater than 120 ohms. The Wood SM is ideal for tube phono stages providing up to 56dB of gain and is typically loaded ay 47k ohms although 1kohm is also acceptable. The Wood SH can be used with MM type phono stages and a 47k ohms input impedance.


Output Voltage (3.54 Cm/sec) 0.4 (Low) 0.8 (Medium) 2.5 (High)
Stylus Shape Micro Ridge
Internal Ohms 12Ω (Low) 24Ω (Medium) 90Ω (High)
Loading Range >100 (Low) >1000 (Medium) 47kΩ (High)
Weight 9 grams
Compliance 15 (Low) 14 (Medium) 14 (High)
Tracking 1.6 – 1.9 grams
Warranty 2 years

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