Benz Micro
Benz Micro(벤츠마이크로) Ebony MC카트리지
상품코드 1807020004
판매가격 3,300,000원
적립금 33,000원
제조사 Benz Micro
원산지 Switzerland


A Benz Micro classic, the Ebony H and Ebony TR cartridges have been re-introduced for a very limited production run. The Ebony body, cross-coil models include the Ebony H and Ebony TR, both featuring Micro Ridge or MR stylus.

The ultimate high-output moving coil, the Ebony H shares the same Ebody body as the Benz Micro LP S MR, and is used with MM type phono stages and a 47kohm input impedance. The Ebony TR is designed for use with a Step Up Transformer (SUT), featuring a .1mV output and a coil impedance of less than 5 ohms.


Output Voltage (3.54 Cm/sec) .1 (TR) 2.5 (H)
Stylus Shape Micro Ridge
Internal Ohms 1Ω (TR) 90Ω (H)
Loading Range >5 (TR) >1000 (H)
Weight 10.7 grams
Compliance 14
Tracking 1.6 – 1.9 grams
Warranty 2 years

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