Benz Micro
Benz Micro(벤츠마이크로) LP S MC카트리지
상품코드 1807020002
판매가격 4,400,000원
적립금 44,000원
제조사 Benz Micro
원산지 Switzerland


The latest LP S incorporates a higher mass brass frame for improved coupling to tonearms, evolved ruby square plate generator and Ebony body. Brass, an alloy of copper and tin, complements Ebony, materials used for building musical instruments. The LP S has 50% more mass than the previous model for enhanced vibrational and resonant characteristics, thus revealing greater dynamic contrasts, deeper bass and increased resolution from all records. The latest LP S Class was the first Benz Micro to use the new Micro Ridge stylus, now found on all Benz Micro Swiss-made cartridges.


Output Voltage 3.54 Cm/sec .35
Stylus Shape Micro Ridge
Internal Ohms 38
Loading Range >400
Weight 16 grams
Compliance 15
Tracking 1.8 – 2 grams
Warranty 2 years

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