Musik Wie Von Einem Anderen Stern Manger Test CD
상품코드 1707120001
판매가격 54,000원
적립금 540원

Manger Test CD 입니다 AV플라자에서도 시연용으로 사용하고 있는 고음질 음반으로 스피커 및 시스템을 테스트하기에 아주 좋은 음반 입니다.

특히 15번 트랙의 Jazz Variants Audiophile 은 압도적인 타악기들의 연주는 마치 라이브 공연에 온듯한 착각을 하게 합니다.

여러 다양한 테스트 CD들이 있습니다만, 단연 최고의 테스트 음반이라고 할수 있습니다.

Excellent Quality! Includes Works by Beethoven, Stravinsky, Haydn & Vivaldi! 

The Manger CD test consists of 15 tracks, many of which are already known to the audiophile crowd. For example, tracks 11 and 12 are by Chesky Records, the well known Livingston Taylor selections. Track 3 is a Beethoven's Piano Sonata (# 8, C-Dur, Op. 13) by Denon/Nippon Columbia. Still from the same label is track #4 (from Denon Professional Test CD): Beethoven "Ich liebe dich", Hermann Prey.
Then there's something from Philips, Klavier Records, Divox Jazz etc.

The quality of the chosen tracks is excellent, as one may expect from a test disc. The Manger CD test offers different kinds of music, from classical to jazz and light pop. Each track is meant to test a particular instrument or musical genre, so you have track no. 8 which is devoted to classical guitar (Capriccio Arabo), track no. 9 for double-bass, track 12 for an "acapella" choir and so on.

The last track of the disc is devoted to a percussion ensemble (The O-Zone Percussion Group), always very useful to test rise-time, decays and macrodynamics. This audiophile test CD is very interesting, reasonably priced and with a good selection of excellently recorded tracks.

1. Volles Gelaut (Gutesloher Glocken)
2. Der Himmel Deckt Alles Mit Stille Zu (Horspiel, SWF)
3. Sonate No. 8, C-Moll, Op. 13 (Beethoven) (Bruno-Leonardo Gelber)
4. Ich Liebe Dich (Beethoven) (Hermann Prey)
5. "Der Winter" Aus "Die 4 Jahreszeiten", 3. Satz (Vivaldi) (Sonatori De La Gioiosa Marca)
6. Sinfonie No. 67, F-Dur, 1. Satz (Haydn)(Leipziger Gewandhausorchester)
7. Pulcinella, Tarantella (Stravinsky)(Berliner Philharmoniker)
8. Tarrega: Capricho Arabe (Stefano Grondona)
9. Ghazali (Renaud Garcia-Fons)
10. Pavane (Faure) (The Treya Quartet)
11. Isn't She Lovely (Livingston Taylor)
12. Grandma's Hands (Livingston Taylor)
13. Walking On The Moon (The Yuri Honing Trio)
14. The Cost Of Freedom (Marla Glen)
15. Jazz Variants (The O-Zone Percussion Group)

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