Conrad-Johnson(콘라드존슨) CAV-45 인티앰프 전시품
상품코드 1707080001
정상가 7,500,000원
판매가격 3,800,000원
적립금 0원
제조사 Conrad-Johnson
원산지 U.S.A

* MD코멘트 : 

미국 하이엔드 진공관 앰프 전문사인 콘나드존스의 진공관 인티앰프  CAV-45 전시상품 입니다.

특유의 질감과 부드러우면서 구동력을 동시에 가지고 있는 진공관 인티앰프 입니다.

매장 전시상품으로 신품과 동일한 컨디션을 가지고 있습니다.

* 제품 상태

외관 : 신품급 매장 전시상품 입니다.

부속 : 신품과 동일한 컨디션 및 박스 및 부속 신품과 동일

수입 : 극동음향 정식 수입품

전원 : 220V

원산지 : 미국



We are pleased to announce the new conrad-johnson CAV-45 control amplifier, designed to satisfy the needs of those seeking a high-quality vacuum-tube integrated amplifier.

Unlike a typical integrated amplifier, a control amplifier eliminates the preamplifier stage altogether, thereby eliminating its inherent distortions, at the same time preserving the integrated amplifier’s performance advantage of avoiding interconnect cables between control section and power amplifier as well as the cost advantage of consolidating these functions in a single chassis.

The CAV-45 employs a pair of classic EL34s in each channel to produce 45 Watts per channel. As with all conrad-johnson tube amplifiers, output tube biasing is simplified by the use of our built-in bias circuit. The CAV45 accepts three line-level inputs. Exceptional parts quality is the rule at conrad-johnson, and to this, the CAV-45 is no exception.

Power: 45 watts per channel RMS both channels driven into 4
         ohms from 30Hz to 15KHz at no more than 1.5% total harmonic
         distortion or intermodulation distortion.

Sensitivity: 0.35 V RMS to rated power

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20 kHz +0/-.5 dB

Hum and Noise: 96 dB below rated power output

Phase: phase correct

Input Impedance: 100 kOhms

Dimensions: 13.375"D x 17.375”W x 6.625”H
Net Weight: 42 lb

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