Magico(매지코) Q3
상품코드 1703040013
판매가격 69,000,000원
적립금 690,000원
제조사 Magico
원산지 U.S.A


The latest addition to the family, the Q3 flaunts its pedigree inside and out.

The Q3 achieves a 90dB efficiency rating, setting a new standard for moderately-sized, full-range loudspeaker performance, by incorporating the Q design platform for ideally engineered loudspeaker enclosures with a new and remarkably efficient 7” Nano-Tec® driver.


Being very reminiscent of the larger Q5, one comes to expect that it is merely a scaled-down version of the same speaker. In many respects this is accurate; the MBe-1 high frequency driver, the continuous curve of our diffraction minimizing baffle, and the substantial collar-locking isolation foot are among the many things that the two models share.


However, because the dimensions and layout of the boxes differ, as well as the driver behavior and resultant crossover implementation, the Q3 has different critical points and frequencies of resonances.

To address this, a modified version of the damping apparatus employed in the Q5 is applied in specific areas of need. Varying levels of force are applied to multiple thicknesses of damping materials to affect the elimination of distortion-causing resonance across the entire audio band.


Shot with a 40-megapixel medium format camera and one of the sharpest lenses ever produced, the Macro 90mm f/4 Schneider Apo-Symmar, the slightest flaw becomes highly conspicuous.

Aside from color correction and resizing, this image hasn’t been manipulated or edited in any way, presenting a highly accurate picture of unrivaled fit and finish inherent in all of our products.



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